New York Based - Worldwide Experience.
Our Production Facilities are Located at
133 West 19th Street, New York City, NY 10011
Phone (212) 727-1500
Our Process Includes:
  • Engaging in meticulous planning to ensure that we fully understand your expectations.
  • Advising you on options and alternative solutions.
  • Keeping you informed throughout the project.
  • Getting your approval before beginning critical phases
  • Addressing any problems as soon as they surface.
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Tobin Productions Highlights
We produced, directed and/or shot:

  • Single camera documentary and film style videos.

  • Eight Camera, live on tape, on location with mobile
    production   trucks, "Oscar and Grammy" style Award Shows

  • Microwave and Satellite up linked productions from the United Nations and Wall Street.

  • Live Worldwide Webcasts.

  • Production in English and Spanish


Providing worldwide services, our clients include Fortune 500 companies, Cable and Broadcast Networks, Medical Societies and Pharmaceutical Companies, Government Agencies and Non-Profits, Advertising and PR firms, Independent Directors and Producers,and the little shop around the corner. The caliber, longevity and loyalty of our clients prove our reliability and cost effectiveness. References are available at your request.

Each of our principals has 20 years of film and/or video experience. Our backgrounds range from producing CLIO winning broadcast commercials to directing network news features, music videos, medical documentaries and business presentations. Into our core team we integrate topnotch freelance creative talent and technicians experienced in all forms of communications:

1. Corporate events
2. Retail product promotions
3. Sporting events
4. Concerts
5. News coverage
6. Fashion videos
VIDEO & AIDIO Duplication - Standards Conversions
DVD & CD Authoring & Replication
AVID Symphony - Video Production