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Tom Amici:
Senior Editor and DVD Author

Tom is a graduate of Drexel University Institute of Technology.


Experienced in a variety of Corporate and freelance

editing, we are proud to have Tom with our team.

Call Tom to discuss your project, and let him show you how you can stand out from the crowd.

Not "just a pair of hands", Tom is a true editor.  His technical skills are only outweighed by his creative intuition.

His keen sense of design and story-telling ability brings

a fresh outlook to the myriad forms of new media.

Tom's many talents include motion graphics, developing "sizzle" reels for national talent, editing interviews and live performances for some of today's biggest musical acts, and developing well known viral videos.

A usually quiet type, Tom will find humor in the unexpected and suddenly burst out with a subtle, but hilarious take on commonplace occurrences.

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