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Dwight B. Tobin
CEO (Chief Everything Officer)

An unrelenting perfectionist, Dwight’s name is on the door, and he oversees every aspect of the Company’s operations.

After 12 years at major Advertising Agencies and directing commercials independently, Dwight became frustrated with the difficulty in obtaining high-quality, fast turnaround video duplication for broadcast, and founded Tobin Productions to fill the need.  As Tobin Productions expanded, Avid editing was added, and the growth continued.

Pursuing changes in technology, Tobin Productions expanded to include DVD authoring, replication and duplication, and a Final Cut HD suite.  

Prior to founding Tobin Productions in 1986, Dwight began his career as an audio engineer at ABC.  As Senior Producer at Wells, Rich, Greene Advertising, he won Clio Awards for the original “I Love NY Broadway Show Tours” and several Procter and Gamble brands.  Additional Agency experience included Benton & Bowles (Texaco) and Bozell & Jacobs (Jaguar and Avis).

In addition to Clio Awards and an Emmy for a PSA for Multiple Sclerosis, Tobin Productions had the honor of duplicating, packaging and distributing the largest direct-mail video in history – over one 1.7 million pieces!

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