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DVD Production involves three stages of cost:
production, pre-mastering (authoring, encoding, and formatting), and mastering/replication. DVD video production costs are no different than for other video formats unless extra features such as multiple sound tracks, camera angles, seamless branching, etc. are employed.

Authoring and pre-mastering costs are the most expensive aspect of DVD production. Video and audio must be encoded, menus and control information must be authored and encoded, it all has to be multiplexed into a single data stream, and finally encoded in low level format.

What are the features of DVD-Video?
  • Over 2 hours of high-quality digital video (a double-sided, dual-layer disc can hold 8 hours of high-quality video, or 30 hours of VHS quality video).
  • Support for wide screen movies on standard or wide screen TV's (4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios).
  • Up to 8 tracks of digital audio (for multiple languages, etc.
  • Up to 32 subtitle/karaoke tracks.
  • Automatic "seamless" branching of video (for multiple story lines or ratings on one disc).
  • Up to 9 camera angles (different viewpoints can be selected during playback).
  • Menus and simple interactive features (for games, quizzes, etc.).
  • Multilingual identifying text for title name, album name, song name, cast, crew, etc.
  • Instant rewind and fast forward (no "be kind, rewind" stickers and threats on rental discs!)
  • Instant search to title, chapter, music track, and time code.
  • Durable (no wear from playing, only from physical damage).
  • Not susceptible to magnetic fields. Resistant to heat.
  • Most discs do not contain all features (multiple audio/subtitle tracks, seamless branching, parental control, etc.), as each feature must be specially authored. Some discs may not allow searching or skipping.

    Most players support a standard set of features:

  • Language choice (for automatic selection of video scenes, audio tracks, subtitle tracks, and menus)*.
  • Special effects playback: freeze, step, slow, fast, and scan (no reverse play or reverse step).
  • Parental lock (for denying playback of discs or scenes with objectionable material). *
  • Programmability (playback of selected sections in a desired sequence).
  • Random play and repeat play.
  • Digital audio output (PCM stereo and Dolby Digital).
  • Compatibility with audio CDs.
    * Must be supported by additional content on the disc.
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